I'm able to offer extensive legal advice and support due to my juridical experiences.
Please note that these are only examples to illustrate the legal field of law.

Your success is my success!

Labor Law

  • generating and reviewing of contracts and works agreements
  • conducting of lawsuits
  • legal counselling
  • Commercial and Company Law

  • founding of companies
  • buying and selling of companies
  • winding up companies
  • legal counselling of shareholders and directors etc.
  • Insolvency Law

  • restructuring consulting
  • consulting of insolvency creditors and insolvent debtors
  • file for insolvency
  • Civil Law

    law of contract

  • generating of contracts (act of sale, lease contract etc.)
  • reviewing of contracts
  • conducting of lawsuits
  • warranty
  • claims enforcement

  • claims enforcement
  • conducting of lawsuits
  • judicial execution
  • Commercial Criminal Law

  • bankruptcy
  • delay in filing for insolvency
  • embezzlement and abuse of trust
  • Tax Law

    Export Law


    Please note that I only can offer legal advice concerning export law and the CE-marking and no technical advice. Since both fields of law are very technical, you maybe need further advice in technical questions.legal advice concerning export law and the CE-marking. Since both fields of law are highly technical in nature, you maybe any further advice in technical terms.